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Why Velour

Get the full and natural look you've always dreamed of with help from our 100% authentic mink hair lashes. Velour Lashes are handmade, custom designed, easy to apply and totally lightweight.

velour lashes
velour lashes

The Original Creators of 100% Mink Lashes

You’ll get lashes that offer a soft feathery feel, and a natural looking shine!

Long Lasting Lashes

Velour Lashes can be worn up to 25 times when cared for properly, and their shape and form won't ever change! You’ll also get the fullness that you want without the plastic and un-natural look often found with synthetic lashes.

velour lashes

Natural & Lightweight

Other lashes can feel heavy on the eyelid, but Velour Mink Lashes are super lightweight and offers a natural look.

Sterilized & Hypoallergenic

Our 100% natural mink hair is free from any chemical processing or dyes and then sterilized to ensure it is safe for use.

Easy Application

Our lash band is custom designed and made out of cotton thread, which allows for easy application and flexibility

Velour is for YOU

No matter your eye shape or your skin tone, Velour Lashes offers something for everyone!